Social Media Growth Calendar

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12 month social media growth calendar

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Social Media Posts Year Round!

Use Social Media like a pro! Save time and energy with CREDEMIC PRO – The Social 

Growth Plan for 12 months. 365 content ideas planned ahead of time for you!

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Hmm. But what’s inside the calendar?

Social media post ideas for 12  24 months!

If you purchase the calendar in April, you’ll receive ideas from May 2020 till May 2021.

The social media post ideas will include:

  • Ideas for daily posts that align with a proven-to-work system for social media marketing
  • 87 out-of-the-box and easy-to-create post ideas that is updated periodically
  • 116 engagement-increasing questions Questions to engage your customers and encourage conversations
  • 195 quotes that will inspire and be liked Quotes for every special occasion or to make any day so much special and inspiring for your audience
  • 230 High quality customizable images Images that are inspiring, Funny, Motivating or just an image that’s crazily creative

Your intuition is right.

4 calendar versions that can be edited and customized to fit your needs:

  • Editable Google Sheet
  • Editable Microsoft Excel
  • Editable Google Calendar
  • Printable PDF

Your social media marketing efforts will not go in vain! Customers have had:

Engagement will increase on their social media posts. More comments and likes for sure!

  • Faster growth of followers
  • Increased web traffic
  • Stress reduction
  • Time saved
  • Resources to help you with copy Writing
  • Power words included

We have a Bonus for YOU!

Your content calendar copy comes with:

A complete list of holidays, Special days and observances It will be a detailed list of local holidays, national days and special observances for 2020-21.

This list includes religious holidays like Easter and special observances like International Women’s Day and even Pancake Day!

Holiday lists for nearly every country:

The calendar includes US holidays as well as supplemental lists of holidays for Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Here’s Bonus #2

 POWER WORDS You also get a list of captivating power words to make your copy writing easy. Grab your customer’s attention with these power words.

Above all, you have a 30 days peace of mind guarantee just mail us if in case you are not satisfied. We will refund your money.


Bonus #3

COPY WRITING CREDEMIC PRO SMGC comes with a Copy writing guide to help you write a better sales copy. Better sales copy means better conversion. These Bonus options only get better with time as we update these content from time to time.

Bonus #4

FREE COURSE MATERIALS A crash course on how to grow your Instagram account. This simple course is loaded with valuable information & tips that’ll help you grow your account even if you are a newbie

Bonus #5

Free eBook resources to help you with copy writing, Facebook Ads and More